Sannie Fox is a singer and guitarist who has released two critically acclaimed albums and has released her third studio album ~ My Soul Got Stranger ~ this year.

Her music is an evolving tapestry of desert blues, soul and psychedelic rock.

Fox has toured to UK, Scandinavia and Asia and is currently based between  London and Cape Town.

In 2015 Fox released her debut solo album entitled Serpente Masjien (SAMA nominated) which was selected to be featured on the "new artist" page for iTunes UK as well as US upon release. 

Fox formed the blues-rock 3 piece machineri and released a self-titled album in 2010 featuring the songs “Big Bad Machine”, “The Searchers” and “Machine I Am”. All album art-work was created by Storm Thorgerson (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd). 

Artist and Album Reviews:


“That genremeshing description is reflective of the sound of this new album. Where Serpente Masjien saw Fox flex her blues and rock muscle, and put a stamp of authority on a certain raw, vocal style, [My Soul Got Stranger] is a smoother listen. There are tinges of R&B in Big Oceans- where Fox's end notes sound like they were straight from the lips of Sade. There are ballads that are reminiscent of the likes of Etta James on songs like Sorrow….

-       Helen Herimbi, The Argus SA on My Soul Got Stranger

“[My Soul Got Stranger] has impeccable blues riffs reminiscent of a starry, New Orleans night coupled with a Mississippi-style subject matter at times with tracks like Shunting Train and The Black Winds. [...].... African-infused song Glorious Wonder, a Wurlitzer-heavy RnB/Soul track titled Big Oceans, and a folky tale aptly named Me and the Man – this album has a little bit of everything on it for everyone. [...] The dynamics are solid throughout… complete with retro organ! [...] Sannie’s voice rings out, large and in charge, charming the most deceitful of snakes thanks to it’s depth and fullness..." 

-       Sferikul, USA on My Soul Got Stranger


"Laying down a solid foundation with the groovy single ‘Criminal For Your Love’, it motors on through a world of love, loss, and struggle. With a strong blues foundation we find Fox playing around with synthesisers, vocal harmonies, and some Malian-influenced guitar work and rhythms as highlighted in ‘Vibra Snake,’ a largely instrumental track that contains all the elements that make up Fox’s sound, complete with a little nod to Santana’s ‘Black Magic Woman.’ "  DANIEL LUCKHOFF-WESSELS Texx and the City on My Soul Got Stranger

"...Sannie Fox has strayed off the beaten path and achieved greatness reserved for the artists of a bygone era..."

- Texx and the City (RSA)


"Fox's voice is soulful, deep and grips the blues by its horns.  Her 'analogue-ish', old vinyl sound can be compared to the likes of Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald."

- Tonight Music, Argus

“…Be sure to let your ears witness the mythically marvellous blues riffs and stirring vocals that fill her songs to the brim with soul… If you dig 70’s rock or powerful, soulful voices, then this is the rock goddess for you…” (on Serpente Masjien album, Chicago, USA)

"...singling out highlights on an album this consistently great seems redundant..."

- Rolling Stone SA on machineri's album






Listen to Fox's latest album, My Soul Got Stranger and follow her to a live show!